Size Interaction work from a particular direction (IX2)

Hi All,

I’ve made a dashed line reveal, So I currently have an coloured div box hiding line. I have it working, using move and Size, but It’s a bit of a clunky way to do it I’m sure. Is there a way you can make Sizing Interaction size from right to left? (get smaller from the left and end up at smaller on right hand side. At the moment sizing goes from each end to the middle of line (so reveals each end rather than just one end)?


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Hello @ParagonTwo

I just found out this in the last Webflow workshop and you can set the origin of a transformation in the transform section:


and set the origin wherever you want:

I hope this makes sense.

I agree with @aaronocampo transform origin is the start. But where is the line you’re referring to? Not sure which box you’re talking about.

Hi Gary and Aaron,

Thank you for replying, I’ve been playing around with the transform settings, I can get the line to size from right to left, but it’s the opposite direction that I want it to go (it seems to go in the same direction no matter where I point the Transform Origin to (on the far left or far right - still does the same thing).

Gary the line I’m talking about is called ‘Line Transform’ Under’ Section 3’. The dashed line is supposed to follow the Arrow in preview, currently moves away from it?

Yes I see, but I can’t tell which page interaction you have for the Line Transform. That’s sort of the only thing I don’t like about IX2. You cannot tell which interaction is on which element if it’s a “Page Interaction”. The “On Element” gives you a lightening bolt.

But I see what you’re talking about… Can you make sure that you don’t have 2 interactions on the Line? I would delete any interactions that you’re not currently using. It’s best for IX2! Removing any actions and starting fresh each time… may be a little annoying but it saves trouble (write each one down). I do this with selector styles to… I clean up everytime after removing a style :slight_smile:

Did you manage to do this @ParagonTwo

The issue was solved here.