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Sizing from Right to Left instead of Left to Right

When adding sizing to my animation I need my div to slide in from Right to Left. It seems its only possible to use sizing Left to Right?

With scaling this is possible, however it scales everything inside my div.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It would help to see your read-only link, but my guess is setting your transform origin would fix the issue, you can read more here:

I cant get transform origin to work. Ive searched the forums for a solution with no success.

Can you share your read only link?

Right now I am using scaling, but thats the effect I need without the actual scaling of the text.

@Abx where on the site are you running into issues? Screenshots are also helpful for troubleshooting :slight_smile:

When this div scales, it also scales the content inside my div so I need to use sizing instead. However I cant get sizing to slide from Right To LeftSlideIn

Have you tried using move? From 100% to 0%.


I’m not 100% sure what you are going for, you have a lot going on with this page so it’s a bit hard to troubleshoot.

Unfortunately if I use Move, it wont work for mobile version. I need to use sizing I believe. But sizing seems to only work from Left To Right.

This guy had the same problem as me. Size Interaction work from a particular direction (IX2)

Sizing works the same as the direction of the layout itself does. For example if you put your object that you want to change the size of inside of a flex div that will be set up to justify-end its children, the direction will be from right to left, hence the size will animate from right to left as well.

edit: example. Click central square.

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Thats it! Thank you.

Hi @dram,
can you pls upload your example again? That would be awesome!

I cannot but if you will post your issue I will try answering that.