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Transitions/Transform Not Working

Hi Everyone,

I’m rebuilding a site I build from scratch (as it was getting very messy figuring everything out). I’m using the same settings, but doesn’t seem to be working at all on the rebuild but works in the original? The transitions/transform work when you click through them e.g. the view/not view eye symbol, so it does what I want, but just stays still when I’m previewing (Please help, I’m going crazy trying to figure this out).

It’s the Arrow on the site below…

Hi @ParagonTwo

I think that if you set the ‘Hide Line’ div block to Display setting ‘Block’ in the style panel, that will solve it for you.

Instead of using an image looking like a dashed line, you could also use a div block where you set bottom border to dashed line. That’ll work too.

Hi Sven, Thanks for replying. It’s more the arrow that I’m having trouble with. You’re right about the Block, I had temporarily turned it to hidden so I could see line underneath. I wanted a wider gap in the line, hence why I used Image instead of DIV with dashed border. I had the arrow working on previous version. It followed the line around. I’ve set Transitions to the Arrow (see screenshot), but it does nothing when previewing.

Hi again @ParagonTwo
But, wouldn’t it be better to use an interaction on the arrow instead, the way you did with the dashed line? I mean… I think you need a trigger to get it started, and therefor it’s better to use interactions.

Howdy, I did try using interactions, it worked moving right and rotating but then didn’t go straight down, it moved to the left of page instead?

Not sure if you can see as I’m working on it or just when I shared it? So when I use interactions the Move Down doesn’t go straight down, it goes down and to the left (if that makes sense)

08 PM

I’m trying it out my self now, and I don’t know why the arrow goes from top right to bottom left, instead of straight down. I understand now why you’re going crazy trying to figure this out. So sorry I wasn’t of any help.

Yes very strange, thank you so much for having a look and trying to help

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