Size animation across different breakpoints

Hey guys, I ran into this issue when designing a size animation for different breakpoints. If i change the animation size for one breakpoint it automatically does it for others, how do I fix this?

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Hello @Inga_Kot ,

You can’t simply change animation while you are in that viewport in order to achieve what you described. You need to build out a sepparate animation and enable/disable it on certain viewports

You can disable/enable them through this panel here, just keep in mind that you need both of those animations attached to the element, you only need to disable/enable as needed.

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I understand that, I was referring more to different breakpoints for desktop, sorry. There isn’t an option to turn on and off an animation for different desktop breakpoints. I found only one solution to this and its to duplicate a component, create a separate animation for it and hide this duplicated component on other desktop breakpoints. It just takes soooooo long to do that