Can you make different animations for different breakpoints?

I am having an issue where depending on the breakpoint, I can’t fit all the text in my FAQ section without having a wider pixel window. The issue is that the animation I use initially takes up the same amount of pixel space, so on smaller breakpoints, the text is slightly cut off at the bottom. If I could increase this animation pixel size per breakpoint, it would solve the issue, but I am not sure how to do this.

Yes, when you go into interactions - you can select if you want the animation to play or not play on different break points. Then make a new animation and select it for the other break points.

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You might want to revisit your FAQ interaction design too.

Most likely you want to expand/contract just the list portion 0 to auto, rather than changing the size of the dropdown overall. That should resolve your breakpoint-specific text wrapping issue.

Read up on targeting classes that are children of the current element, it completely changes the game of how useful and reusable interactions are.

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