Site's total weight for template

The project settings page for a template I’m working on is saying that the site’s Total Asset Size is over 26MiB and template requirements are for them to be under 10MB.
Nothing I do is affecting the size of the template. It’s a photography site, so I have a lot of images. I started resizing images and reducing the sizes significantly, no change. I started removing whole collections from the CMS, no change. Removed scroll based animations that are throughout the site and no change. The site’s size is remaining at 26MiB no matter what I do and I can’t seem to bring it down.
Could the issue be backups? Do these backups affect the size of a site? If so, can I remove them or some?

Nope. Backups are not counted.

Hmmmm… It’s so strange to me how removing these assets don’t affect the site’s size at all. Unless the calculation isn’t live or current?
Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

I think only Webflow could answer that question. Ask them.