Site's total weight for template

The project settings page for a template I’m working on is saying that the site’s Total Asset Size is over 26MiB and template requirements are for them to be under 10MB.
Nothing I do is affecting the size of the template. It’s a photography site, so I have a lot of images. I started resizing images and reducing the sizes significantly, no change. I started removing whole collections from the CMS, no change. Removed scroll based animations that are throughout the site and no change. The site’s size is remaining at 26MiB no matter what I do and I can’t seem to bring it down.
Could the issue be backups? Do these backups affect the size of a site? If so, can I remove them or some?

Nope. Backups are not counted.

Hmmmm… It’s so strange to me how removing these assets don’t affect the site’s size at all. Unless the calculation isn’t live or current?
Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

I think only Webflow could answer that question. Ask them.

I’m facing the same issue as @ betterer
I’m finding that I can increase the total asset size by adding assets but that nothing I do will reduce it. I’ve tried deleting images in the asset manager and the CMS as well as compressing images in the manager. Nothing helps.
I’ve reached out to support as suggested by@webdev and i’ll report back if they give me any useful info :+1:


In the meantime this struck me as interesting and a possible reason why deleting assets doesnt reduce your total asset size - it seems they may not really be getting deleted

Hello, I’ve sent an email to Webflow and they ditched the problem by telling me that they are not here to do consulting on website designs.
I went a bit more assertive sharing this post and explaining that the issue could only be on their side, as deleting assets has no repercussion on the display of the site weight on the dashboard. Even after publishing the site.

In my experience, I rejoin @DaveW, it seems the assets are not really deleted.

Maybe if we are enough emailing them regarding this issue, it could be fixed eventually. Meanwhile, the only solution I see is to be extra careful when publishing an asset, to be sure that this asset will be final.

If anyone knows a good tool to check the entire weight of a website I’ll be grateful to have your recommendations.

Edit: They responded more clearly, the size of the website includes backups, and the backups include all the images even updated. If you want to check the real size of the website, I can advertise Pingdom.

@Resonance . Sorry for the slow reply - I dont seem to be getting alerts from this forum right now for some reason.

I emailed support and got the following reply:

The calculation of Total assets displayed in your project settings is a combination of the assets on the current version of your site, as well as all backups of your site. Any change in the current version would just impact that version, while the backups would still hold assets that are being calculated in that field.

One option to get an idea of how large the combined assets are on your site would be to use a site export feature. This would export the assets into a file that you can then view to see the size. However, exports do not include CMS data, so it would not include any assets in the CMS.

That explains why deleting assets doesnt effect the total asset size and gives a method for viewing the total asset size.

Later I also recieved this reply:

Had a look at things and I think you should be good to go. I don’t know how much weight the Template team puts on Total Asset Size. I looked at a few Templates that are currently in the store and they are all well over the 10MB limit you mentioned. In fact, many are much larger than your site.

I think that you should be fine. If the Template team come back with anything, reach back out to me and I’ll connect with them directly regarding the issue as it isn’t a consistent measure of size of project within Webflow. Ideally it isn’t a measurement they should be using if they still are.

Basically “dont worry about it” :slight_smile:

I hope that’s helpful to you and anyone else reading this in the future.

All the best Dave!