Sitemap generation issues


I have been trying to auto-generate the sitemap of my site but when I see the content, it doesn’t include the CMS pages. I searched the forum but didn’t find a solution (Also, I have many temporary pages from my project that there is no way to exclude from the sitemap auto-generation)

So, I generated the sitemap myself, but when trying to upload to Google Search Console, it requests the URL of the sitemap. I tried to upload the sitemap.xml to the assets in the Designer but it shows a message of “XML files not supported”.

Do you guys know a way to handle this? The ideal way would be to avoid any manual work, but anyway in the worst case I need to upload the sitemap to webflow.

If you have a suggestion please let me know, Thanks,

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Custom sitemaps can be loaded by going to project settings > SEO and unchecking the Auto-generate Sitemap switch. Once you do a custom area is shown that you can paste your code into.

Thanks Jeff, I didn’t see this option.


Hi cdsuze,

I’m wondering how we can produce a URL of the sitemap to submit on the Google Search Console after we paste out the code on webflow