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Sitemap Mismatch Canonical Tags

Hey Guys,

I’m running into issues with my canonical tags. Google reads it as a sitemap mismatch and i found this about the issue, please help a guy out. I’m just trying to use the CMS tool best as possible.

Mistake #6: Having multiple rel=canonical tags

Having multiple rel=canonical tags will cause them to likely be ignored by Google. In many cases this happens because tags are inserted into a system at different points such as by the CMS, the theme, and plugin(s). This is why many plugins have an overwrite option meant to make sure that they are the only source for canonical tags.

Another area where this might be a problem is with canonicals added with JavaScript. If you have no canonical URL specified in the HTML response and then add a rel=canonical tag with JavaScript then it should be respected when Google renders the page. However, if you have a canonical specified in HTML and swap the preferred version with JavaScript, you are sending mixed signals to Google.

I first had the canonical tag as :
1st attempt: - this didn’t get processed correctly
2nd attempt: - this was considered sitemap mismatch
3rd attempt: (I am being told that this is what the sitemap tells google what the page name is

if anyone can help me out on this that would be great, I will be beginning to publish blog 2-3 times a day & also making further marketing efforts but before I make those moves I want to fix this issue.

Screen Shot 2021-03-23 at 10.28.37 PM|572x499

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I have the same problem but noone answer here