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Canonical/Hreflang duplicate content issues on multilanguage site

Hi All,

I’ve been searching up and down for an answer to this and I’m hoping someone here can help.

I recent updated our blog page to include the ability to navigate by selecting categories and tags from blog posts. This is creating what Google is identifying as duplicate content from an SEO perspective (i.e. meta and title descriptions) since the CMS info is showing up on separate URL’s. Here’s an example of what I’m running into in SEMRush:

I’ve also implemented Weglot so the site is multi-lingual. I’ve searched far and wide and I’m 99.99% certain that the issue has to do with canonical tags. The problem I keep running into is figuring out how to implement canonicals along side with alternate hreflang tags. This is what I currently have implemented that is returning the errors from above:

Any ideas as to how to fix this canonical issue so I don’t get the duplicates on the blog-tags and categories pages? Everything that’s showing as duplicates are on these two CMS pages.

This was the closest article I could find, but it still doesn’t fix the issue:

Unfortunately it seems like I’m missing a step because this is just for the multilanguage fix - not the same content on multiple pages fix.

Appreciate anyone’s help!

UPDATE: I tried to use a reference field to pull in the blog post URL as the reference field from CMS - no luck here.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK