CMS Items not showing in sitemap

Hi, i have an issues with the auto generated sitemap. I have 60 CMS Items (Blog Posts) with all technical SEO optimizations set up and published.

Nevertheless these pages does not show up in the generated sitemap.xml.

Are there any things that i might set up wrong?

Hi Marc,

What’s your readonly designer link?
Chances are you either have sitemap autogen off ( site settings )
Or your blog collection page has the publish-to-sitemap SEO setting toggled off ( collection page settings )

Hi memetican,

thanks for your reply. I tried switching on/off the auto-sitemap multiple times. Only the normal pages are listet in the sitemap. Right now i work around that with a manual sitemap from which is not that comfortable. But the tool identifies over 65 pages which is correct.

Here is the shared Link: Webflow -

I appreciate your help.


I’ve encountered some weirdness like this around the sitemap recently but in my case it was that a new client’s sitemap was appearing ( static pages only, no collection pages ), but that their automatic sitemap generation was off under site settings.

When I switched it on and republished, all entries appeared fine.

Can’t say what the issue is, so I’ll put it in the category of “new bugs, probably related to localization changes.”

I haven’t seen anyone else here mention this though, you’re the first. Worth a message to support, there may be something they can fix or an explanation they can offer.

maybe it’s the ‘…and republished’? Because sometimes I forget that one :upside_down_face:

I can say for sure that a republishing didn’t do the job. Have tried multiple runs from deactivating, publish, activate, publish. Nothing so far.

I contacted the support, hope they can help. :frowning:

Anybody else with a hint? Webflow support is not responding… Error still persists.

Didn’t realize you still had a problem- did you check the SEO sitemap setting in your collection pages settings?

If that’s off your sitemap would autogen but those pages would be excluded.

Hi memetican, I searched for that option and found the setting on regular pages (which are in the auto-sitemap), but in the cms page settings there is no SEO sitemap setting that i can switch on/off.

Having this issue as well. None of my CMS articles are showing up in the sitemap.

A few people are reporting this recently.
I’d recommend contacting support, as they may have a good solution.

The only solution I’ve seen mentioned here is to clone your project, and migrate your plan & domains over.

Not ideal and as a huge warning, if you have any automations that rely on CMS ID’s, those will all change with a clone or backup restore.

Thanks Michael! Just an update Webflow support provided a solution and it fixed the sitemap for me:

This issue can occur if a primary locale hasn’t been set. Could you take the following steps to set a primary locale for your site:

  1. Navigate to your site settings within the Designer
  2. Open Localization settings
  3. Set a primary locale
  4. Save changes
  5. Publish site

PERFECT, that solved the problem! I contacted the support weeks ago but didnt hear anything. Thank you!

I’m actually encountering an opposite problem. I’m trying to figure out how to hide a CMS collection from the auto generated sitemap. We use CMS for some AD pages we don’t want indexed. Any idea how to do this without having to manually update the sitemap?

Hi Natalie, the sitemap doesn’t determine what is indexed by Google.
If you want to suppress those pages, add a META noindex into the head custom code area of that collection page;

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

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Thanks a lot mate! That’s kind of tricky, it fixed my issue!

Thank you! that was my issue as well, so weird…

Hi there,
this also worked for me.

I’ll leave you the steps here:

  1. Go to site Settings → General (tab on the left sidebar)
  2. In the “Localization” section, set a “Language code” (type the code, then click the “Save” button). If you already have a code set, change it to a different one, save it, then type the old one back and save it again.
  3. Hit “Publish” on top of the page.

I suppose this is because I just have one language on my website and I just wanted to clarify for all others possibly having the same issue. Hope it helps!

And thank you everyone for the suggestions!

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