Edit Templates before purchasing?

First timer in Webflow. I am considering purchasing a template, but I want to make sure it fits my needs. It looks like preview in browser and preview in designed is the same thing (read only mode). Can you edit a template before buying it (i.e. play around with it before you publish it to go live)? Or is your only option to preview the site as it’s designed and then purchase or not (fingers crossed it works for your needs)?

Thank you!

Hi Kristin,

The readonly preview mode allows you to see everything in the design, and you can change it but not save or publish those changes.

If you need to edit / save / publish, you’ll need to buy it first.

@memetican thank you! When I preview in readonly mode in design, I can’t edit anything. I’m looking to edit the following template: Curated X - Directory HTML5 Responsive Website Template. I click preview in designer mode and I can’t make an changes. See screenshot attached. Do you know if this particular theme just doesn’t allow that or if I’m doing something incorrect?

Hi Kristin,

In readonly links, when you open them they start in preview mode now.
Click that button and you should be in designer mode.

@memetican ah, yes. What’s weird now though is that it’s allowing you to only tinker with that URL page where they showcase all the different features of the theme, not the actually theme and designs you’d be paying for – those are about 1/3 down the page under ‘Main Pages.’ Is this weird or is there a way to actual be able to tinker with the ‘Main Pages’…?

You’ve kind of lost me- in a readonly designer link it works basically like the normal designer, just read-only. You should be looking at the actual theme you’ll be purchasing, and can see everything- pages, CMS, ecom, the whole deal.

@memetican I figured it out! Thank you so much for your help.

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