Site Speed Issues in Webflow

Hi All,

I’m having a few issues trying to improve general site speed especially when measuring via Google PageInsight scores. Firstly, do people think this is a true representation of a webflow site ?

Mobile: 43
Desktop: 87

I’ve also then tested on and received these statistics:

PageSpeed Score - (81%)
YSlow Score - (71%)
Fully Loaded Time - 5.1s
Total Page Size - 1.37MB

Read only:

When actioning some of these recommendations I come to realise this can’t be done through Webflow:

  • Leverage browser caching
    -enable g zip compression
  • Defer java script
  • Serve images in next gen format etc

Does anyone have any advise on how to start increasing these page scores?

Thanks in advance!

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Your speed issues are related to the use of all the third-party integrations / scripts. Not a Webflow issue.

Thanks for the quick response!

So from my understanding the only third party used is Google tag manager, Hubspot and some custom code done by a contracted dev on fonts.

Are these too much for the site or have they be done incorrectly? Or am I missing something?

Thanks again


@Natlew I realized from my site that webflow adds all custom code to the Html files. Inline CSS+javascripts. I suggest you cut/paste your CSS styles from the html file to the CSS files, and create a seperate JS file and just add the link to it in your html. This helps speeding things up quite a lot.

As for images, make sure you compress them with apps like Squoosh or before uploading them to webflow. If you don’t feel like re-exporting your site, just go to the images, compress and replace them.

This should be enough to optimize it enough.

And of course it helps if you have installed CDN and caching on your server.

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These are the integrations you chose. If you are concerned about conversions, you should set up A/B testing to determine what It costs you to have them or some of them enabled versus a page that is leaner and loads faster. Anytime a script has to load, it impacts page performance. Tracking scripts are heavy. You have to weigh the value of each thing towards your overall goals. Slow loads can skew user behavior and even create abandonment costing you business.

I provide advanced performance / conversion optimization services as a facet of my business services. I can tell you that it is not trivial, but always worth doing if you are generating > 5k per month in business. When I help clients increase conversion rates, I am putting money they are leaving on the table, back into their hands.

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This is an absolute lie all around. webflow is the absolute fault here. Webflow.js loads a total of 340kb at 1.4s including all images that load from webflow will load at 1.4s or more. The seed cant be increased because of the host that webflow uses, maybe it is amazon i dont know, but it is crap. I never seen such slow servers. This on its own will drop your score by as much as 40%. In addition webflow does not support nexgen images. There are requests as far as 2018 asking for this. Webflow is not for speed optimization it is for people that want to have a nice website, these are two different things. If you want speed learn how to use AMP, that will get you 100%. To help some of the people maybe tell them to pay for cloudflare PRO 20$ a month. This will compress and convert “some” images to webp.


I think you just can´t use CloudFlare with Webflow.

You just can’t proxy as it causes SSL issues with Webflow hosting so there is no benefit other than FAST DNS and proxying other sites that you might be running.

Recommended reading for those of you that are having problems: The designer becomes so slow and laggy that it's unusable - #40 by jasondark

My site is currently hosted on Webflow. How can I use this? Could you point me to a video/ resource.

Stacket works by converting an existing site, making mods, and allowing you to host off Webflow. Visit the website for more info. No need to post a question in every thread.