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Site search setup issues 🔍

hello everyone!

i have just started to work with site search and so far it’s been clear although i ran into some troubles and hope to get your help on those.

The initial purpose of the search functionality on my website is for the visitors/customers to be able to find products (jewelry), so i enabled it only on one CMS page which is ‘Products Template’ as it stores all the necessary information for the search result to be displayed (product name, image, and price)

problems i have encountered :

1) Unfortunately i have not been able to display the price even though i have selected it in the Search Description field.

Anytime i have any text selected and go into inner text settings, select from the dropdown search description - it just displays the name of the product, not the price as it was set.
(please see the img 01 screenshot)

although product image and product name are displayed properly
(img 02)

2) For some reason search result include links to pages that have search feature disabled.

as example - the search was set to find ‘RING’ and most of search result are accurate (img 03),
however one displays this single text field that is linking to a collection (img 04),
even though collection pages and any other pages were set to exclude from search results (img 05)

3) showing results that don’t match the search criteria.

this one is the last issue i’m currently having, as can be seen on example the search field is set to look for necklaces but one ring product show up, how can that be fixed?!

so just to set things clear - my goal is to build a search function to solely display products by their name, and exclude any possible related but irrelevant results (such as collection links, or products from the same collections as can be seen on the screenshot)

thank you for having some time to help me, and i apologize for such long post, hope that situation is clear though

here’s a link to a webflow . io version where you can see the search for yourself ( hint : try to search for ‘necklace(s)’ ‘ring(s)’ ‘earring(s)’ )

and here’s a read-only - please go to Utiluty Pages —> Search Results

screensots :