Search Function Not Working

Hello everyone!

i currently create an online store with search function on top navbar, but the search results dont show related images. how to fix this?

site address:
thanks guys for your answer

Hey Indra, on your product page template, do you have an image tagged under search result settings?

You’ll need to share a read-only link to your project if you want help with your configuration, we can’t see anything from the live site.

Note also that once you have photos on your products- but not on other pages, your layout will change dramatically. I’m testing some interesting ways to bring layouts into search that might work well to group products in one place as a gallery, and other search results in another place as plain text.

Hi Memetican, thankyou so much for your answer.

my read only link: Webflow - Vintage Mecha

Oh, i can’t wait to see your amazing work! could you share it with me when it done?

Ok three things for you, and I’ve covered all in the video;

  • Most of the items that you see without images aren’t products, they’re static pages like Anime Hoodies, and those don’t currently have an image selected to show. I’ve covered how to add that below.
  • Some of the items you see are actually I thing a Commerce bug; they start with /sku/ and clicking them just gives you a 404. You can hide these with a bit of CSS, see my post here.
  • Discussion of layout possibilities is towards the end of the vid.
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Oh woww Michael, this is not the first time i asked the forum, but first time i got special answer from the specialist.

You know what, my site search just work perfectly now. i dont know what happened, but i should wait for auto indexing progress. Please try Search Results

The video is really really useful! and it means the world for me!
Have a great day Michael! thanks again.

Fantastic to hear it helped with some idea, and that your site is working now!
On your recommended search term, I can still see the /sku/ items and static pages without photos, so you may want to update those.

“Specialist” is just a title, I just have fun answering questions here. I learn a lot too, looking into these things.

If my answer above worked for you, please mark it as the solution so people can find it too.