Site scroll quite choppy (sticky sections)?

Hi Everyone,

I’m bridging the gap between freelancing my marketing services and venturing into the agency space. With that being said i’m in the process of building my first ever website so i’m hoping my issues are due to being just poorly built.

For some reason the scroll on the site is a choppy (especially on larger screen sizes). Notably the first couple of sections where i’m utilising sticky sections, and also further down in our process section near the bottom of the page where i’ve utilised some CSS for a marquee banner animation.

Interestingly enough though, when viewed in the preview editor there is no chop at all (iMac 24 inch).

Things to possibly make further note of:

-Utilising some custom code - namely GSAP for the animated header which pauses on scroll.

  • Also using some code to hide the rotating header animation (my thought was that it would be too much to constantly render when not in the viewport).

On a side note i did also try adding some subtle animations (namely slide in headers) but the site’s performance completely dropped off a cliff. Huge jumps in the page, sudden loading etc…

Any advice on the issue would be greatly appreciated before we continue adding and inadvertently making it worse…


Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Test Site (C)