Looking for some feedback please!

Hello there!

I’m getting close to completing my portfolio site and was hoping for some feedback. It’s somewhat animation heavy with a lot of scroll animations on the home page. I’ve managed to get it so that it’s smooth for me now with the exception for when my GPU is already using up a large amount of CPU from other intensive processes running, and when my computer has just booted up, when those happen the initial loader and scroll animations are sometimes a bit choppy.

I realize that not everyone has an M1 Mac so I wanted to post it here and see if it runs smoothly for others or if they have more lagginess issues than I do so that I know to further pare down some of the animations, which I’m sure I should probably do. If you could check it out and let me know what happens I’d really appreciate it! Feel free to let me know if you see any issues at all you think that I should know about. It’s still a work in progress that I continue to find little issues i need to take care of. Thank you!


Read only link -


Oh and p.s. if you use Safari on desktop it’s not great, I had to give up hope on making the concepts work with that and couldn’t find any work arounds for its inability to handle fixed position things.

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