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Site Redesign Workflow

Hello, Webflow friends -

A client wants to have their site redesigned. There is a lot of CMS data. They have a template they want to purchase and use on the new site. Is it possible to migrate the CMS data into the new site? That way, I’d start with a new CSS slate.

Thank you.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Just for clarity, the current site is also webflow and the new one will also be webflow?

If so you can duplicate a site, I guess the cms would copy as well.
Then you could delete what you dont want and use the template?

There is also if you open the cms an export and import option, that might help.

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I’m going to export and import the CMS data as CSV. I don’t want to simply duplicate the site, as nearly all of the layout and styles will be new.

Cool, glad you got your answer.
Again you could duplicate and delete everything, clear the class and transitions etc if you have issues.
Have fun.

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