Nav set to full width, doesn't display full width

I’ve set my nav to be 100% but when I look at it on my desktop it isn’t expanding to the full width of the page.

What I have noticed with these kind of things is that the nav-container has a max-size set standard by webflow.

If you go to your nav-container and use width: 100% max-width: 1300px for example it will be full width on screens up to 1300px wide.

I don’t say this is the best solution but this is how I fixed this problem once.


That did the trick. Thanks for your help @JoLu.

Glad that I could help. But as I said this might not be the correct way to do it, this is just the way I fixed this problem.

Totally understand. Hopefully one of the webflow members has a solution that they’ve devised and they respond to this post soon. It’s a good band-aid for now and doesn’t seem to alter anything else at the moment.

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