Site not working in Safari

This site is in design mode and when I send my client the link to view

Using Safari, the images are all elongated. It is perfect in Chrome. Any help much appreciated.

Here is my site Read-Only:
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Have you fixed it? Looks ok in safari here.

How odd, I will double check with the client. We screen shared this morning and it was definitely off.

If you haven’t fixed it and you know it’s bugged from seeing it yourself, it’s still bugged :wink: I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, however I do know that safari is a bit stubborn when it comes to its flex implementation. Chances are that you have the image, its class or its parent set to flex stretch vertically. Safari takes this L I T E R A L L Y and will stretch the image, class or its children to however far down it can go.

I have indeed a flex element - damn, that is a pain! I will give it a height, that might cure it!
Thank you.

I don’t think it even needs a height. It just needs to not be stretch vertically if I remember correctly.

Thanks - that is a pain, flex works a dream for what I am trying to do.

Flex is the way to go :wink: If you can flex align center or top that should fix it. Easy button click.

I hope you never have to deal with IE11. That thing barely speaks flexbox and you can forget about grid. It just barely deals with divs and css3.

Thanks for that @Ozone. I make a point of telling all my clients how bad IE11 is, right - let’s fix this thing! Many thanks once again.