Flex issue on safari - fine in chrome

HI All,

The site I am currently building is using flexbox in a few places. i build in chrome.


On publish in chrome it looks like this: which is as intended.

On safari however it looks like this: and no idea why.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, your read only link is 404.

Hi, just fixed. sorry

It’s an ancient bug :confused: I’m dealing with it regularly.

Many ways to fix this:

  1. weirdly if you redo your grid from scratch within Designer on Safari, it won’t happen, and it will not happen again when you switch back to Chrome

  2. this method:

  1. a real clean method that I can’t find back, trying to get it from Jason. Will come back later today.

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: will look into those fist two options now :slight_smile:

I rebuilt it in safari. Was fast enough and i think works now!

Are you able to give it a quick check your end?

Thanks again buddy! :slight_smile: