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Site not loading properly after being published to domain


I created my first site in webflow and when I published it to the custom domain, it is having issues loading. As the user scrolls down their are missing featured photos of the food. Scroll further and the entire site vanishes.

It appears the site is loading super slow too. What can I do to fix this?

Any help is appreciated.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @northmoniker

Please also provide the published site link too.

Taking a quick look at your project I can see that there are a lot of large photos.

This is definitely impacting the page load time. Not sure if there is anything else causing an issue, but let’s tackle this first.

  1. Enable responsive images. This will create variations of the photos appropriate for different device breakpoints or sizes.
  2. Upload and replace large photos. This step might take some time but is necessary.

Take a large photo into your photo editing application. Resize the longest side to either 2000px or 2600px, make sure it is at 75dpi and not higher, and export/compress for web. Below are some links to compressing/optimizing images for the web. Personally I use a Mac app called Squash and have used ImageOptim previously.

After you’ve optimized the photos, check back in with your published link and we’ll see how the site is performing then. Hope this helps. Happy designing!

Here is the published site link:

Thank you for responding to my post and offering to help. I will respond to your post later this evening.