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Site rendering split/broke in half when scrolling & loading


I’m stuck with a rendering issues

Here is my public share link:

If you view this site on mobile you will notice the screen split in half when it starts loading and you are scrolling down. It only shows in the beginning when the page is loading and disappears quickly. But everytime I refresh the page it happens again. In fact I think it happens in Desktop as well if the page is loading and I scroll down really quick. I attached some screenshots of the issue. This has driven me crazy since I don’t know what’s the problem. Any help is greatly appreaciated!!!

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Some screenshots:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hah, fixed it! Could have removed this topic but in case someone run in the same problem: the interaction for the picture elements should be set for Desktop only, disable Tablet, Horizontal Mobile, Portrait Mobile. I have a Scroll into view animation for these and apparently that caused the issue.