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Site not fitting to mobile

Hi! I am new to webflow and building my site, it has taken time but I am pretty happy considering I have very limited coding abilities. My issue is that on my mobile, a google pixel, it is not filling the screen. There is a large margin which also effects the drop down menu.

Wondering anyone can please help, I would be really grateful!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Awaken your Magic

I deleted all content below ‘Hero Details Wrapper’ and the issue went away. I don’t know which but I suspect one of the sections on the lower portion are forcing a wider horizontal dimension than those above.
I located 1 container and one columns that are wider than the rest of the content.

Slowly scroll down and check the right edge by using the mouse to push content left until you locate those which have no white border on their right sides.

That’s a shot of one of them

oh thank you !! I tried the mouse trick my laptop and it doesn’t seem to work, any idea what section I should be looking at?

I made all sections vertical thinking it could be that and still no luck