Mobile Site is Moving Right to Left

Hi! I’m very new to Webflow and have been messing with the mobile screen for a couple of days. But I’ve been struggling with centering all the images on mobile as well as dealing with this pesky white screen on the right side of mobile.

I’ve been resizing images and trying different techniques like deleting divs and negative margins, as well as turning off overflow but have had no luck. I would really appreciate some help!

Here’s my website!

Try to reset the width to be auto on your footer - it seems that fixes the issue!

P.S: Setting fixed pixel widths (like 414px) is usually not ideal as it causes issues like this. I only really set fixed widths on small elements which are, let’s say 25px.

Thank you! I decided to fix up other elements that had fixed pixel widths as well, but I noticed that I was still having the same problem as before. I’m not sure which elements are doing this exactly.

I was able to fix the white gap I was having, but now my screen is going left to right whenever I scroll down. I can’t seem to find what element is overflowing on the mobile screen.