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Site is not updated after exporting from WebFlow

There a strange thing :
My is is updated by the next way : i export arcive from webflow panel, tnan i load this archive to my hosting and repack it.
But when the site is opened in browser - it looks like nothing were changed.

To see updates - i need to press F5 button to updeate th browser. If this button is not pressed - i cant see any updates.
Every time i press it to see changes - but i create this updatings for my clients , who dont know that it needs to press F5. And they MUST not to do it!

may be i do something wrong?
so i guess that the previos version of the site is saved in Cookies - and when i open the site - the browser shows me the saved version.
What to do? i mean - when a new version of the site is loaded and repacked to the hosting - all type of clients should see updates. Now only new clients, who dont have any previous version of the site in the cookies can see updates. How can anybody who visited the site some time ago see updates?

Your browser doesn’t load the page at first, it loads the data it has in cache. F5 forces the browser to actually reload the site for good.

So this is only happening to you, on local, on that machine you work on. No worries for your visitors, they’ll see the updates without to have to refresh the page.

But my parnter, which site i update see the same picture - when i update the site he doesnt see any updates…

as you see - this happens not only on my local PC

so you say it looks like my PC was created in another planet than PC of visitors…so why it cant happens on other PC - as well our client have PC and their PC very alikely with my! and im sure they dont see any updates of the site

That is because your client has visited the site before, and have the page cached on his computer. Therefore, they need to refresh as well.

The workaround is to use private browsing to view the site.

i will repeat

  1. even if i reopen browser ( close i at all and open once more) - the page is not updated, and the previos version is seen
  2. imagine that all the visitors have visited the site before - and they will not see updates.
  3. usual visitors dont know that it needs to update browser.

please, dont post such an ansers : " its ok, your clients just see the previous version"
When i update the site and export it to the hosting - every visitors of the site ( the new one and the previous one ) MUST see all updates.

Hi @voroshilow_pavel, make sure that when you are re-exporting and re-uploading, that all files are actually getting overwritten. Also make sure that the external server does not have some caching limit, where the site serves the content from cache up to a certain TTL value before refreshing the cache.

Could you please also share the link to the exported site that is published and the site as published in Webflow? Check the timestamps on the files to see if they match.

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