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Site contents can be "pushed" off the screen on mobile

Somewhat new to Webflow.
I designed a on-page site that is giving me problems on mobile. On tablet and phone, I can “push” the site contents offscreen to the left while scrolling - it doesn’t stay locked in place while scrolling like most sites do.

Probably some kind of rookie mistake, but I can’t seem to figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

Here is my public share link:

Live Preview:

Hi @ShaggyLittle,

deleting width: 100vw; on your navbar should to the trick.

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On Desktop too. Check the point 6. here

Thank you. This was helpful, but I have a lingering issue. I have a header for mobile only, and it is shrinking slightly and jumping to the right when I start to scroll down the page. This behavior is visible in webflow preview mode as well. I don’t have any scroll interactions set up for the mobile header, so I can not figure out what is causing it. I also tried deleting and re-creating it but it is still happening.

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