Fixed Nav Won't Stay Fixed on iPhone Portrait Orientation

Somewhat new to Webflow. I’ve designed a couple of easy sites, but this one-pager, which seemed so simple, is giving me fits.

Two issues with my mobile versions.

I made a very simplified fixed menu that only appears on phone (landscape and portrait). It seems to be fine on my iPhone in landscape orientation, but in portrait orientation it doesn’t stay fixed, it scrolls slowly off the screen, as if it is in some sort of parallax mode. Also, it expands to the right a bit when you scroll about half way out of the hero section.

The second problem (possibly related) is that on tablet and phone, I can “push” the site contents offscreen to the left - it doesn’t stay locked in place while scrolling like most sites do.

Probably some kind of rookie mistake, but I sure can’t seem to figure out where I’ve gone wrong.

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