Site access control


I need to build an entry control like this page for my website. It is about that only qualified investors can see the funds and investment products. That’s why the user has to confirm this first. Is this possible with Webflow?

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You could do this with a request access form that sends you an email and then share a password you set for that page in webflow with each investor who emails you.

Quick answer from my phone — let me know if it makes sense

As Austin says, it’s possible to do this with Webflow current production version, and an automation tool like Make or Zapier to send out an email. As an advantage, you get to keep a database at the back end of names and emails of the people who accepted terms, and were sent the page password and link.

The next level up from that is to use a Membership system like Memberstack or Webflow’s Memberships (BETA). These will allow you to restrict access to known, logged-in users. You get a few bonuses here.

  • The security should be much improved over Webflows’s basic password-protected-page feature. Customers get to choose their own password.
  • Less chance of the password getting “out there” where just anyone can visit your page without going through your registration process.
  • Perhaps easier to collect more member details if you want.
  • Fairly straightforward to “gate” approvals if you want, e.g. user registers but their account is not active until you decide it is.

Thank you for your reply. It’s best not to have an account at all but just two buttons like on the website. Then the decision should be temporarily secured that he comes to the pages. So something like a cookie or so. We have to do this only for legal reasons.

The user should be able to do this easily, so a mail or account creation isn‘t the solution at the moment.

Yes, the site you linked is using a cookie approach, with a 15 day expiration. For what you’re trying to do, it sounds like a similar approach would work.

It’s a bit tricky though if you want it to work exactly the same way, because they’re issuing and verifying the cookie without script, which means server-side. To do that natively in Webflow, you’d need to create a webflow cookie somehow, which is probably not trivial. Have you tried? It looks like a hash value of some sort.

A simpler approach might be to redesign your Login page as the confirmation page. You put all of your legal language on it, and then say “type agree” to enter. You set your password to agree. Something like that.

You can probably have two different login pages as well, one for qualified and one for private investors, depending on how you’re partitioning data.

Also, I haven’t tried, but you can probably add checkboxes and stuff, like “I have read the legal terms”, and then disable the password entry box until they’re ticked off.


I have an idea that might be a lot more simple, and still do the same thing - create a modal/lightbox with your content, and have it open by default. Then, the “I agree” button will close the modal, and store a cookie on the users device saying that they’ve clicked it before (this way it only shows up once per person).