Single references are not showing up as a conditional visibility option anymore

Has this feature been deprecated? @callmevlad

Before today:


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@thewonglv Did you get conditional visibility to actually work in that case before today?

We’re looking through the code, and it looks like there was a bug that allowed the item reference field to show up in that dropdown, but the actual functionality never worked - so we recently removed it from the dropdown since choosing it was always a no-op anyway.

But please let me know if you ever had it actually work for you, which should not have been the case :\


@callmevlad Yeah, it works as far as I can tell (of course, my use case is a bit strange)

It’s pretty wonky but looked something like this:

(1) In order to create my intended directory structure I used static pages for my locations (instead of a collection)
i.e. instead of a dynamic template called /locations/las-vegas-nevada I used a static page called /las-vegas-nevada

(2) I then made a dynamic template called /las-vegas-nevada where items are named after specific keyword pairs e.g. /las-vegas-nevada/supercar-rentals

This allowed me to create a directory structure that worked well with my seo goals.

(3) I then expanded this strategy to include more keywords. i.e. adding a reference to my collection titled “Manufacturers” allowed me to display manufacturer specific data too. e.g. i could now make items like /las-vegas-nevada/lamborghini-rentals

(4) The challenge came here: in order for me to display car type data for some items and manufacturer data for other items i used conditional visibility.

i.e. since i was using referenced data from separate collections (car type and manufacturer) i ended up binding two sets of data for things like the H2 tag (sub heading)

Example of conditional visibility working to hide a manufacturer logo when the item is specific to a car type:

Compare the markup and content in this page:
with this page:

As I said, the implementation of this is a bit wonky, but it allowed me to build 40+ landing pages that appear to be climbing in rank rather quickly (for really competitive keywords)

Example of the keyword sports car rental climbing from SERP ranking of #100 to #1 in <30 days:

:grimacing: so… if you would pretty please bring this feature back i would be so grateful lol otherwise my landing page strategy will need to change a bit and double work = sad day for me (and possibly others)

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UPDATE: I’ve since implemented a workaround for this issue so the links above will not be very helpful. (The ability to share snapshots would be awesome. I don’t remember if that is a feature or not - is that possible at this time?)

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Snapshots! And single pages. And single pages snapshots!

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