Simple Hide/Show Interaction Issue

I am having the strangest issue i have been working hours on. I have one working on this page but I cannot get another link to do the same thing to another DIV.

I have a DIV with a hero. When you click the button watch video I have the hero DIV hide and the video DIV show. Then I have a close link that hides the video and shows the hero again. This works flawlessly and was easy to setup. However, I used the same method on a second section and video and I cannot get the close button to trigger the same hide show event. I tried every type of trigger, parent, sibling, selected, etc to no avail. Note that when I set the Video div to display by default (as a test) and click the close button it hides! I just cannot get it to work after I use a trigger from the other DIV to show the video. The close button stops working and wont trigger the interaction hide/show.

See how the Watch Our Story button works and the video close button works to hide the video and display the hero. Then go down to the testimonials section and watch the SAME setup not work.

Each link element has a unique class name so no conflicts there.


Screenshot 2023-12-04 at 7.52.58 PM