Interaction not working when inside an affected element

Hi All,

So, as title suggest, im having a problem with show/hide interaction when the trigger button is placed inside the affected element. It doesnt do anything. More specifically, im trying to hide the DIV where the Hide button is placed. It doesnt seem to work when inside that Div but works perfectly when outside it. Any workaround to it?

Heres a link to better understand it.

(p.s. its important to retain the layout as it is on the right)

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Not really a bug. Your Hide button in the not working structure is placed inside of the… Show button. That’s what makes it bug. If you remove the Show IX from the Show btn, the hide will work again.

You have a gazillion choices for achieving what you without without having to nest elements that are triggers for interactions :slight_smile: It’s going to be a design solution.

Understood. Thank you.

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