Interactions not working on show/hide on 2nd time you click to hide elements

I have 4 div blocks that have each a team member. When you click on their view bio buttons it opens a hidden div with bio details. The problem is once you click on all the view bio buttons and close them all then you click on the first view bio button again then it won’t close.

Video 1 shows the issue and has audio. Video 2 shows which divs have the interactions and does not have audio. Any help appreciated.

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I’m a new guy with this also but I’ve ran into this similar problem.
What I’ve finally tried (after about 5 hrs) is making the “2nd Click” interaction identical to the first click interaction.

So… > Element Trigger> Mouse Click (Tap)
“On 1st click”
Show div one
hide div two
Hide div three

“on 2nd Click”
Show div one
hide div two
hide div three

I’m recreating a radio button effect to show different services my customer provides.
When a user clicks the radio button (div block) the service description content displays to the right.

I couldn’t find anything helpful in my hours of searching.
Hopefully this helps.

Maybe i should not have used the term 2nd click. I forgot there is an animation for 2nd click. What I should have said is i run into the problem when you try to close the 1st bio after opening it up the 2nd time.