Simple fixed item not working on published site

So on my top fixed website the navbar is working fine on tablet / mobile views in the editor preview but not on my published site on an actual device, neither does it work in dev tools if you simulate any mobile device in chrome. I suspected some of the custom code might have been interfering, so I stripped my site barebone with a couple of elements and the fixed element is STILL not working, only in preview mode.

Here is the read only link, if you test it you will see its sticking in preview: Webflow - Mihaela Moldovan - Consultanță și Contabilitate

But not on the actual site:

This is the read only link with more elements but the same problem (this is the one I am actually tring to fix): Webflow - Copy of Mihaela Moldovan - Consultanță și Contabilitate

Published link:

If anyone could help me out with this I would greatly appreciate it.