Position FIxed isn't working

So, position: fixed “stopped working”
All of a sudden, or I made some change that did this, fixed elements stopped being fixed. In designer mode sometimes it looks like fixed but as soon as i open view mode or published site it stops being fixed.
My site is already online and upWork profile is on stand by so if anyone knows what could cause this, I’d be thankfull for help.

Here is my site Read-Only link:


And here is my site link:


Hey @Petar_Avramovic!

It looks like the issue is because you have some unnecessary CSS transforms on your body class. I can’t publish it to be sure, but removing all interactions from your ‘body’ should do the trick :+1:

I had a few interactions on page load for some animations, and when i deleted them it fixed everything, tnx man!!

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