Seems like Webflow runs Lottie natively... but not so well

Hi to all,

Before, to run Lottie animations we would have to make some fixes but seems like webflow runs now Lottie animations, did not know that.

Now if you drag a Json file (Lottie) inside, webflow works like a charm.

But i’m writing this post because sometimes… and just sometimes it stops working and i mean the animation does not run.

Already tried to reload webflow, export the link but webflow keeps not running the animations. The strange part is… like 30 minutes later it stars to run without me doing anything.

I have no idea what’s going on! Is this feature still on beta or something like that?


As far as I know this is very close on the horizon so you may be playing a bit of a hidden beta that was pushed out publicly. They’ve been mentioning that it’s close and is one of (if not the) next planned release. I’d imagine we’d hear something before the end of the month at the very latest, but my guess is it’ll be in the next week or two.

Take all of that with a grain of salt, I don’t work for Webflow and can’t speak for their roadmap.

Wow that’s so cool. On my end it works like a charm. That will save me so much time, no need to upload to github and insert code for every lottie animations and it’s served by the CDN as well, so I might get a tad more performance. Thanks Webflow!

This is currently being tested with a closed beta group. The version you’re experimenting with won’t be reflective of the final version, or the version that is currently in test environement.

It seems like most bugs have been worked through at this stage and it’s shaping up to be a really powerful feature. As @mikeyevin mentioned, most likely end of month for public, but nothing confirmed :smiley:

Get excited!!!

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