User Accounts Beta not viewable on staging

I created an account using the User Accounts Beta with a login page, etc. When I publish on staging, The links to the login page do not work. Do they not work on staging on only on fully published sites?


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Erin, they should work fine.
You’d need to share your published staging site link and your read-only project link in order for us to see and help you.

Unfortunately I cannot share the read only link at this time for confidentiality purposes, but you can see from the screenshot the button is linked to the page “Log In”, but when clicked it returns back to the homepage. If i try a different page, it works for all of them except for “Login” and “Sign up”.

Any thoughts?

Are you already logged in? If so you’d just be redirected.
You probably want to use the Log In / Log Out element here instead of a link.

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This worked perfectly thank you for the suggestion. Do you know how to redirect where the submit button takes you from the login page?

There’s an in-built mechanism for that called the redirect fallback.
If you look at the log-in page’s form element, it has a special setting for this.
Here’s a video discussing that @ 2:30

If you want to redirect them somewhere else like a CMS page, or if you want to stay on the same page or route somewhere specially on the First login, I’ve built a library for that.