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Option Suggestions

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone could suggest an integration software that they use for customer sign-in options. I’m not looking for customers to become “members” and therefore don’t need need to bill them on a subscription basis for their membership.
All that I’m looking for is a software that allows customers to sign into my website and access account information. Ideally, I’m looking for them to initially insert their own information and over time have the software amalgamate this information with new updated information/progress (inputted by them or by me, I’m indifferent) and display it under their personal page.
Additionally, I’m not sure if Webflow’s CMS options come into play with this idea; specifically I’m not sure if I can allow access to specific files in a CMS folder to those who have authenticated (signed-in) access.
Any help or clarification would be great!

Memberstack is probably what you’ll want to look into, and from what I’ve seen here in the forum it works very well alongside Webflow.

There are a bunch of threads here in the community that cover working with Webflow + Memberstack so if you run into any issues there should be no shortage of help around here from other members :+1:

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