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SideBar Fixed Position

Im having an issue with a sidebar nav menu I created. The share link will show how the nav bar should behave in terms of it being “fixed” to the upper right and slowly disappearing when scrolling down. However, when copy/pasting this element to other pages, the Nav bar doesnt stay fixed as it scrolls with the other content even though it is set to fixed like the one on the home page.

I tried to make it a symbol and it still did the same thing. Ultimately, its not staying fixed on other pages aside from the home page.

Share link

Thank anybody who has time to help solve this issue with me.

Hi Tommy,

Make sure your ‘page triggered’ interaction that controls the hiding and revealing of the ‘navbar’ is set to trigger the class. Then any element across the website with this class will be affected (instead of affecting only the specific one in the homepage).

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Thanks Avivtech for taking the time to respond. The issue isnt so much with the interaction as it is the entire navbar itself not obeying the ‘fixed’ position status. In the homepage it acts fine, however when I copy paste the entire navbar element (contents included) it doesnt stay fixed to the the same position. Instead the navbar element scrolls up with the rest of the content and doesnt stay fixed.

Ill continue to make my way through the dense fog of confusion until I see a faint glimmer of hope which as been my typical journey this far. Kidding, I love Webflow.

Also I just read that interactions cannot, at least the one I intended to use, cannot be used on ‘symbols’ yet and Webflow said this is still coming.

So if I have my nav bar as a sidepanel block and I want it to exist on each page and do the show/hide based on scrolling of the page…

  • I should not convert the nav bar to a symbol

I just need to know why it isnt acting like a fixed element on any other page. I even tried placing a blank Div block in the body and coloring it for identification and setting it to fixed but every other page besides the home page doesnt obey that setting.

Super confused

Back again, after reviewing other topics it turns out my interior page ‘body’ class was messing it up. I deleted the body class and pasted the Nav Bar into the page and boom, fixed to the upper right like a champ.

Thank you for responding to my thread and trying to help. I’ve made my way through the fog and see the promise land. Bless be thy WebFlow.

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