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Navbar is moving to the right

Hello you fabulous both professional an non-professional designers. I seek your support.

I am a noob myself but are wondering, why does my navbar (which is set as a symbol) move to the left when pressing the “kontakt” tab. All other tab/links in the top doesnt move the navbar when entering that static page. But this does. I have tried all logical solutions…

If you watch carefully, it slightly moves to the right. The whole navbars content. As stated, the navbar is set as a symbol so the element preferences are the same for all static pages. I have doublechecked if it got some “current” effect that might change the position, also tried relocate it to different locations in the navbar. All i can say is that it has something to do with the static page itself.

I am too emberassed to share my previewlink because of all the elements in a messy order lol…

EDIT: Whatever, here its is. If you see some other stuff i could improve on, please feel free to let me know.

EDIT 2: You have to see the published site: to recognize the issue i am talking about, not possible in previews since the page reloads

Thank you

Here is my site Read-Only:

You have an html embed at the bottom of the kontakt page that is adding a scrollbar on the right side.


I love this forum, will adjust this right away.