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Side app category on the forum

Hey guys,

I have answered to many questions (and i guess you too) on the forum about other apps.

Quick examples :

  • Mailchimp : Questions about design / Code help
  • Photoshop : Exports / Logo feedback
  • Shopify

For me it’s always weird to answer to that kind of questions because i feel webflow forum is only about webflow issues.

// Why i think i would be nice to have a dedicated category //


  • Our community is a designer community. We all use many different apps to do websites and i think i would be interesting to see everybody’s workflow.
  • The case already exist, but we don’t have a defined place right know to order it.
  • Issues aren’t all the time css/html/wf issues. Sometimes it’s just a super heavy jpeg that slows your website, you could improve you efficiency by using macros, shortcuts etc…


  • Some people don’t know webflow (unfortunately for them :D).
  • That kind of content would be a great source of foreign designers traffic on the wf forum, and so possibly new happy wf customers.


Webflow is a great tool for web design, but it can’t do everything. We all know that design is about precision and details. If we want more nice websites designed on webflow, we shouldn’t forget that wf is not the only thing that makes a design or even a digital strategy powerful.


Hey Louis!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this with us! Those are all great suggestions and it’s awesome to see that you’re on the same page as we are regarding how to improve people’s experience of the forum :slight_smile:

I love your idea - and it actually fit within the context of a wider conversation about categories on this forum that @PixelGeek and I have been having. We’re gonna discuss that and get back to you when we have a bit more clarity. But I can already say that I’m on board with the idea. Once we have decided in more details what changes we could make to improve that we’ll let you know so we can work together on it.

And if you (or any of your fellow moderators) have ideas in that vein, feel free to share with us :smiley:


Hey @anais,

Great i’m happy you guys like the idea.
As always i’m here if you want to brainstorm :vulcan_salute:

Yep - nice idea @zbrah

I’ve also wondered about a newbie/welcome/introduction category for new users?

There seems to be quite a lot of new members posting recently - often with some trepidation if they are new to the tool or web design generally. That may help them when making those first few posts, helps us to make sure their posts aren’t missed, and provide the right amount of initial help/signposting…

It’s kind of taking the idea of the welcome wednesdays, but having a category for new users - whichever day of the week they join…

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