Showing Collection results via multiple checkbox selection

Hello WF community.

I’m struggle with WF CMS and collections. I’ll try to explain the needed flow:
I have 2 collections: Job Types and Companies. In front-end I need to match jobs with companies.

The website user should be able to pick one or multiple job names, click a FIND button and we need to show him the results of companies that have this job added in multi-reference field type.

Tricky part is that the user may pick multiple jobs (ex: Policeman, Firefighter, Nurse, Pipe-fitter etc.) and we need to show him the companies that have at least one of these positions available. The thing is that a company may have multiple jobs positions. In this case we need to show as results the unique companies list, in other words, results should be unique.

I’ve tried to follow the most appropriate relate tutorial: [TUTORIAL] MixItUp filtering plugin with Dynamic content explained by @sabanna however the issue is that in that thread the example is for just one checkbox selector (like a link to a results page) but I need to have multiple checkboxes.

I really hope that you can help me with that.

Hello, @WilliamJB

You might want to check this new tutorial, hope it will help better.

But I also have to warn that unfortunately it will not work with the Multi-reference field, because currently there is no way to pull the information from that type of field to the text type element.