Show related projects within collection list-template

Hello all,

i didn`t find the answer in the forum, so i have following question.

I`m creating a portfolio-Website for an architecture-office.

  • I created one collection list for all projects (every project has a number)
  • Every project has a field for an architecture-category

So now in the collection-list-template i want to show underneath the heropicture some projects from the same “category”, i call it related projects.

Is there a way to filter a collection list with a field (in my case architecture categories) from the cms-items?
See also the following picture…

Can someone help me please?

I would try making a CMS collection for “architecture-category” and then reference it from your projects. Then you can filter a collection list of projects by reference item.

You can do this now with mulit-ref filtering!:sunglasses:

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