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How to show related projects based on category


I’m working on my first Webflow project. It’s a portfolio site with around 50 projects divided into 3 categories. I would like to show related projects on the collection pages, but only from the same category as the current project. Is this possible?
Let me know if you need to see the site to answer this question, but I’m hoping it’s a common enough question for someone to point me in the right direction.

All the best

Add a collection and set the filtering to show projects with same category

Thanks Janne. But how do I do that?
I have only one collection page for all my projects. I would need to add a dynamic filter that show related projects based on the category of the project I’m viewing.

In you current page you add a new collection list. That list will have the filter. I assume your current page is a collection page.

I’m not sure I follow. I have created a read-only link so you can have a look at the project.

There are 3 related projects at the bottom of the page. They come from a collection list.
When I try to add a filter, I have to choose which one of my 3 categories to display. But I want to filter out different projects depending on the category of the project I’m viewing.

Im not sure Im with you. As I understood from the current project page (CMS) you want to display 3 other projects At the bottom of the current project page?

Is this the situation you want to solve? If this is the case what page should I look at

I’m working from my iPad at the moment. I did se that you only have one collection. Works, you need another collection with categories. Works should point to categories with a reference field. Then you can use the filter on categories

Great tip. I’ll try it right away