Show/hide mouse click (tap) interaction flickering

Hi, I’m having a weird problem. So I’m building a side nav (press on the red square to open it).
In the nav I have link blocks that opens up different sections that I’ve set to show/hide with mouse click (tap) interaction.

Everything works fine, but for some reason when I load the page for the first time and click on the different link blocks, my sections are flickering for a split second… I don’t know exactly how to fix this. Can someone help? Thanks


The read-only link:

Hi @Samuel_Naesen :wave:
I think the problem is in your background images huge size:

Lately I’ve been feeling like the background images are being loaded in Lazy Load mode… Someone from the Webflow team, tell me if this is so? And if so, how do we disable Lazy Load for background images?

@Samuel_Naesen for 100% fixing your issue do this steps:
#1 Compress your background images here:
#2 Reupload to the Webflow Gallery
#3 Disable all current background images
#4 Set images as Position: Absolute with Fit: Cover

#5 Disable for all new images Lazy Load:

#6 Enjoy smooth tab switching😌

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Nice! You went full-on tutorial mode :smile: I didn’t think about the images,
but you’re right. The sizes are ridiculous. I’ll work on it later this week.
You got me curious on the lazy-load, interesting idea.
Anyway, thanks for the reply man.
I’ll keep you updated!

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