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Hide Element if you click anywhere on the site

Hi guys, I just did a small mockup where you can select the image you want to have on the canvas.

How can I make the interaction that

  • If you click on the picture the appropriate picture loads
  • If you click on another picture the other picture disappears and the appropriate picture loads

Now I just created multiple animations, where I hide all other images except the right one, but I guess that’s what is causing the flickering and the process is highly inefficient.

Any other idea?

No it looks right to me. The flickering is caused by the width of the parent div. Try making the width to % on the parent layer. It should be a Section then you wouldn’t need width. Then make the parent overflow hidden.

hi @creatspot - I managed to fix the flickering by setting flexchild Position Relative and all your image widgets as Position Absolute:slight_smile:

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Ah gotcha, cool glad you got it fixed.

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Thanks a lot @Keejo!

hey @creatspot - glad to help! all the best! :slight_smile:

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