Animation Flickering

Hi, I am really new to Webflow. Just started over a week ago. I found @PixelGeek tutorial on YT of how to create the Weblow mega menu. I cloned that project and have it pretty nailed down except two things.

  1. If you move the mouse back and forth to fast in the nav area it flickers a lot and then also the custom drop down gets stuck open. I think this has to do with my animation timing and set up more than anything. But since I am so new I don’t know the best best wya to go about fixing this.

  2. I had to set the drop down wrappers inside to position absolute for it to look like it does, but if you resize the browser the content stay in place, but if you resize and then refresh the browser it jumps back to how it should look.

If anyone can help that would be amazing!

Here is the link: