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Show / Hide Interaction issue

Hi there,

It seems something doesn’t with this interaction. It works fine in preview mode, but when i publish the site, when you hit the button to activate the interaction instead of doing it, it will redirect you to the home page… any thoughts?.

The site is: , below of the page in the profiles section, when you hit the button “saber más” it will redirect you instead of show the hidden text.


Hi can you share your public link?

You have given a URL to the button, so that’s notmal the page refreshes.

Remove the link on the button.

Thanks for answering,

Actually i haven´t give any URL to the button, im kind of confuse…

Public link?

there is a link : just this : /

if you want an empty link type # in the link field

the best, remove your button, that is a link by default, create your own non link button with a div, and set link cursor for it.


try this or my other method

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