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Show/Hide Instructions UI differs from documentation

After more than 30 hours creating a single page, I needed to add a show/hide action to a List Item element. I added two buttons like the video ( Show and hide on click | Webflow University ) instructs. Besides not working as described… the entire UI has many slight changes.

There are many hidden and undocumented activities accruing that make navigating through using WebFlow a very disappointing tool going forward. Adding show/hide a class is so easy in code and so hard here… and that I can’t import a project after exporting it is a huge reason to abort using it in the future.

How can a person get help?

Hi, @veniceMaps — for folks on here to be able to dig in and help out, we’ll need some more context. Can you describe what you’re looking to achieve inside your project and point us to your progress using a Share link?

I totally get the frustration, Interactions can be tricky to wrap your head around, but thankfully that’s what we’re here for in the Community :webflow_heart:

@McGuire beat me to it, but a read-only link and some more information about what you’re looking to do on your project specifically will make it easier for us to help out.

A lot of the documentation is from prior versions of this product. After watching the Show & Hide Elements on Click tutorial about 20 times following step by step (except where UI changed with the current version) and a lot of trial and mostly errors, I have been able to make it work. But I did not start down this path of using WebFlow to beat my head on the wall trying to figure out how to untangle a really screwed up interface… the Click order and how the screen changes sucks!

I’m glad to hear you ended up getting it working!

I get working through things yourself—I’m the type of person to bang my head against the wall and trying everything I can before looking for help—but just like the University, the Webflow Community is a valuable resource that I’d recommend you take advantage of as much as possible. Most users are happy to help out with any issues or roadblocks, with some—myself included—even recording short videos going over things step by step.

Adding interactions is definitely a more advanced feature so the learning curve can be pretty rough but it does get easier to work with the more you use it.

I hope it doesn’t happen, but if you happen to run into any other issues, don’t hesitate to head back here to the Community or even reach out to me personally :+1:

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We need to do better here, @veniceMaps. Thanks for the feedback, and I’ll ask the team to look into this.

Have a look at my post from 15 minutes ago… more of the same along the lines of show/hide. Although I figured out how to make show/hide work from a button click, now that I want to copy and paste the working behavior (block of elements including the show/hide button) the new instances of the copied block don’t work. The button actions are all pointing back to the original block button and did not copy as a unique action relative to the new copied block. The Action is tied to a “Specific Element”, the element I want to show/hide. Therefore, when I copy and paste the working block of elements several time on the same page, the Action “should” fire the local show/hide elements that are within the copied block. This is BROKEN, the action does not fire and in the Editor when the action is selected, it is pointing back tot he original element in the first working block, not the newly copied block element. I would say you can do better here too, this is clearly a BUG!

Can you have a look at my other post from this morning? I need an answer or I need to dump this tool and assume it is not developed enough yet to be useful for my work.

There must be a solution for being able to copy and past a block of elements with actions and have them stay within their local scope (not effect all copies when click action is invoked on a single instance).

Here is a read only link… in reference to Testimonials near the bottom of page, expand/collapse text.

I took a moment to answer your question on the specific thread (which I’ve linked below) so hopefully that helps get this working as you’d expect :+1:

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