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Show/hide in navigator

It would be very useful to have show/hide functionality for objects through the navigator panel while editing. I’m finding it quite labour intensive to edit things when I have stuff like sticky headers over other objects. I know I can turn the global visibility of an object off to edit whatever is underneath it but then I need to remember to switch it back on yet there’s no way of knowing what’s off by looking at the navigator stack.

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There is a workaround that I use consisting in making a symbol out of objects that are difficult to select or edit.

I then place all these symbols on a page that I call Dashboard. From there, I can edit them easily.

Extra tip: When I have objects that are in an hidden state, I manage to wrap them in an extra div, give the div the hidden property (display:none or opacity zero or height zero) and turn all the content into a symbol, so the symbol and content itself doesn’t carry the styles’ hidden property.

I use the same technique when I have elements spread over plenty of pages that I know I will have to edit regularly (monthly figures, promotional offers etc) so it’s super easy to edit them in one place. On these dashboard pages, I also sometimes put dummy objects with some classes to edit colors and background that will then update on all pages.

You could also think of using this system when working with a less computer-savvy person, gathering some elements in one page for this person to edit. Only some text blocks for example. That way it’s less likely they’ll mess up with the design properties. Other advantage, you can add whatever labels, explanations and helpers on this page, for the people who will edit, and that’s not visible to the general public (because the dashboard page isn’t linked by any other page).

Slightly unrelated, at one time I also managed to nest symbols, but due to weird bugs happening sooner after; it may not be a good advice to give (:


Love your ideas :slight_smile: kinda CMS :wink:

thanks for the tip, it’s definitely useful but still an extremely long workaround for something that should be simple!