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Show author for collection item

How can I show the ahuthor for the current collection item? So far I tried adding a collection list and link it to the “Authors” collection, but I can’t seem to filter just for the current author.


Here is my public share link:

Hi @barnabasnagy

Does each collection item have a reference field linking to the author?

If so, then on each collection page you could link the dynamic list to the reference field in the ‘current’ collection item?


Yes, each collection item multi references the Author. I’m not sure I understand your suggestion though.

Which page/collection page are you trying to add this to? I’ll take a look…

“Axure template” collection page template

Hmm, i’ve tried really hard to work this out, but can’t figure what is preventing it…

@sabanna @AnnaKelian @Brando could you take a look ?

Hi @barnabasnagy and @StuM

When you have a multireference field, for showing the information from that field on a template page you have to use not the “original big collection” that contain all Authors, but Multireference collection.

Here is a gif of how to show authors in your case:


Thanks @sabanna - I was so close but didn’t scroll down to the reference field Author choice!

Thanks for this. It works. It would be great if there was a branch arrow underneath the multi reference collection heading - just like at other places in the designer.